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Improve your fluency in more than a dozen different languages


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Babbel is a specialized language learning tool that combines social network features with those of any learning platform, in a way that you can automatically begin to learn any language or improve your fluency when speaking.

With more than a dozen languages available, from the most common languages to those less widely spoken like Indonesian, Norwegian, and Turkish, Babbel provides you with material designed so that you can adjust it to specific goals and learn at your own speed and level.

The app focuses the learning in such a way that even after completing a lesson, you continue to strengthen the knowledge you've learned over time. This way, even if you pass a task with a specific topic and move on, the resources and exercises continue referring to past lessons through the methodology of constancy.

The different stages of activities that you complete include a feature that lets you hear every word or phrase of the exercise, helping you to learn both vocabulary and pronunciation.

Furthermore, as you can also synchronize your progress with the online version, you won't have any problem continuing your lessons without losing the progress that you've made in either of the two versions.
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Babbel is free to download but only includes the first level of exercises. To continue practicing, you must purchase the rest of the levels.